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Alumni Association Board

The Alumni Board has thirty active members and functions as the executive branch of the Alumni Association. The board currently has representation from five fraternities and three sororities and represents nine states. The members meet formally three times a year, typically September, February and May, and have several projects on which they work year-long. They are instrumental in planning Homecoming, assisting the Career Services Department in placing graduates, supporting the advancement efforts of the college, promoting alumni-student relationships and assisting with admissions efforts in their home areas.


The Hillsdale College Alumni Association was organized in 1865 some twenty years after the founding of the College and immediately following the Civil War in which Hillsdale students and graduates had played such an important part. All graduates of Hillsdale College, as well as all students who completed four semesters at the College, are considered members of the Association.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is to organize the alumni of Hillsdale College, to promote the development and maintenance of a mutual bond between the alumni and the College, to keep the alumni fully informed of College activities and operations, to represent the alumni on matters affecting the College, to help maintain and raise the standards of the College, to aid in the enrollment of new students, to promote goodwill between the alumni and college administrators, trustees, faculty, staff and students, and to encourage all alumni to tangibly support the College to insure its growth.

Alumni Association Board

Executive Officers

Neal Cole, ’07, SC

Vice President
Erin Valdez, ’01

Carla Citrano Spielman, ’95, CO

Immediate Past President
Kerry Cummings, ’77, KKG


Trip Banks, ’76, PSE

Doug Behnke, ’80, DTD

Victoria Bergen, ’11

William Clayton, ’10

Dan Englert, ’05, SC

Elliot Gaiser, ’12

Edward Giles, ’88, SC

Rachel Heise Greb, ’95

Dave Grieco, ’79, ATO

Kirby Hartley, ’15

Jobi Parrish Hasse, ’93, KKG

Randy Keefe, ’16

Sean Keefer, ’99


Dennis Knoblock, ’76

Kim Losik, ’76

Dean Melchi, ’74

Brent Ogle, ’02 SC

Nicholas Rorick, ’01 SC

Michael Ruhl, ’97, DSP

Sam Russell, ’08, DTD

Dwight Silva, ’05, SC

Jonathan Slonim, ’14 DTD

David Stanton, ’98, SC

Andrew Szewc, ’22, ATO

Karlwin Taylor, ’93, DSP

Lucy Meckler Vander Laan, ’20 CO

Honorary Members

Greg McLogan, ’88, SC (Historian, non-voting)

Ronda Doane Deer, ’60, XO (Historian, non-voting)

Thelma Sim, ’57, PBP (non-voting)

Ex-Officio Members

Dave Bahlmann, ’61, DSP

Whiz Davis, ’56, DSP

John Lauria, ’95

Jeff Loehnis, ’80

Charlie Long, ’71, TKE

Tom Martilotti, ’67

Normajean Rerucha, ’59, PBP

Brendan Ringlever, ’92, DTD

Becky Schmidt-Abel, ’77, PBP

Karin Tiettmeyer-Sullivan, ’88, PBP

Ed Swanson, ’60, DSP

Bud Tishkowski, ’59, DSP

Linda Voit, ’73, PBP

Joel Schellhammer, ’01

Patti Rooney, ’77, PBP

Marianne Rotole, ’95, KKG


Executive Director of Alumni Relations
Colleen McGinness, ’04, PBP

Executive Director of Career Services
Ken Koopmans

Senior Director of Alumni Marketing
Doug Goodnough, ’90, DSP

Director of Alumni Engagement
David Bassett, ’12

Director of External Relations for Athletics
Jeffrey S. Lantis, ’86

Staff Aide
Danyelle Motsinger

Director of Alumni Operations
Lacey Yoder

Alumni Operations Manager
Renee Roth

Associate Director of Annual Giving
Braden VanDyke, ’21

Faculty Liaision
Dr. Jospeh Garnjobst
Professor of Classics

Joining the Alumni Board

Serving on the Alumni Board can be a busy yet fulfilling experience. Alumni board members are elected to serve up to two consecutive four-year terms, attending three meetings yearly plus hosting Homecoming. If you are interested in being considered for a seat on the board, please complete an Alumni Board Application and return it to the Alumni Office.

Contact Alumni Relations Office

Membership, Structure, and Terms of Office

The Alumni Association Board consists of 30 elected members, four of whom are officers. Members may serve for two consecutive 4-year terms. The Board meets three times per year and members may be asked, as they are available, to attend other campus and off-campus events from time to time.

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Board consists of the four officers plus the Alumni Director. Board members serve on one of the three standing committees: Career Services, Development, and Homecoming & Reunions. Ad hoc committees are also formed from time to time to address special issues as they may arise.

In addition to the elected members of the Board, there are also several ex officio (non-voting) members consisting of former Board presidents, Alumni Office staff, faculty representatives, and other College staff from various departments with whom the Board regularly works (Career Services, Advancement, Athletics, and so on). Additional appointed alumni may serve on committees of the Board but may not vote or otherwise participate in formal Board meetings.

Apply for Membership

Any graduate of the College may apply for membership to the Alumni Association Board.

Applications are to be submitted via email to the Alumni Office at [email protected] . Board vacancies are filled via election by sitting Board members, typically at the Homecoming meeting of the Board with terms of office to begin at the following (Winter) meeting.

The deadline for submission of an application is August 1.